The Estate Of Dave Kleiman Claims That Wright Has The Private Keys To 820,200 Bitcoins, Since $1.6 Million Of These Bitcoins Have Been Moved, But Also Shows Proof That The List Is A Complete Forgery

May 22, 2020 / by Crypto.IQ

The case of Craig Wright versus the Estate of Dave Kleiman is reaching a new intensity following a transaction sent from an extremely old Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. Now the Estate of Dave Kleiman has submitted a 26 page motion that is filled with proof that Wright is continuing to lie and play games with the court.

Essentially, this case stems back to a partnership between Wright and Kleiman during the earliest days of Bitcoin (BTC). Apparently they mined somewhere around 1 million Bitcoins (BTC) together, and there is plenty of speculation that Wright and Kleiman are collectively Satoshi Nakamoto.

The problem is that Kleiman died and Wright never gave any of the Bitcoin (BTC) to Kleiman’s family.

As part of this case Wright was forced to submit a list of his Bitcoin (BTC) holdings, and ultimately submitted a list with 16,000 addresses which contained 820,200 Bitcoins (BTC).

The catch was that Wright said he did not have access to these Bitcoins (BTC) and was waiting for a bonded courier to arrive. The bonded courier did supposedly arrive, but Wright claimed that he still did not have enough key shares to open the encrypted file which contained the Bitcoins (BTC).

Now that story has been shattered by a Bitcoin (BTC) transaction from a wallet which was created in February 2009, since this wallet is on the list that Wright submitted to the court.

The Estate of Dave Kleiman did some digging, and found that $1.6 million of the Bitcoin (BTC) on Wright’s list has already been moved.

Therefore, the Estate of Dave Kleiman claims that Wright has had access to the 820,200 Bitcoins (BTC) all along, and is refusing to admit that he can unlock the file which contains all of these Bitcoin (BTC) wallets since there would be definitive proof in the file that Kleiman was partners with Wright.

However, in the same motion the Estate of Dave Kleiman shows proof that Wright made up the entire list of addresses as well, and that these addresses are just randomly picked from early Bitcoin (BTC) wallets.

Either way, the Estate of Dave Kleiman has caught Wright red handed, and they are asking for a default judgement against Wright. It is 100% obvious that Wright will lose this case, but Wright may be able to drag out the case for a while longer via legal trickery.

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