In June, antivirus software tycoon John McAfee unveiled a cryptocurrency access point that incorporates bot and manual trading across exchanges on a single interface. The tycoon has now indicated that he is launching a decentralized exchange on October 7th. The product called McAfeeDex will run on the Ethereum blockchain.
McAfeeDex will be free for everyone globally

In an announcement, McAffee said that the exchange would not require any document, name, bank information, or email to use. McAfee indicated that all transactions would be private, and no monitoring will take place. The exchange will support users from across the globe.

The beta version of the decentralized exchange goes live today with little information provided on its website. He added that it would be the opportunity that will free us from the government’s control of fiat currency. McAfee indicated that there was a need to choose whether it was about money in the community or about freedom. According to him, as long as the government controls the currency we use, then we can never be free.
The homepage describes its key features, and all ERC-20 tokens can trade instantly and for free on the platform. They intend to add tokens on other platforms in the future. Also, the site indicates they will impose a 0.25% fee on market takers with no maker fee.

McAfee being sought by US law enforcement

For years, McAfee has been an advocate and committed supporter of blockchain technology and Bitcoin. He has been vocal about corrupt government officials and even threatened to name and release incriminating information if arrested. He has been on the run for the last nine months from US law enforcement for unspecified felonious charges.

McAfee has been in hiding on his “Freedom Boat” and going to various locations in full secrecy. He says the government is seeking to arrest him not for tax evasion but because of his truth. He has openly confessed before that he has not paid tax for the last eight years.

McAfee has said before that the government has no control over cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Early this year, he unveiled a semi-anonymous crypto debit card. He believes that cryptocurrency can free the world because the government will not collect taxes when people are using cryptocurrency.