Crypto.IQ’s Synchronized Execution Platform Puts Retail Crypto Traders on Par with the Pros

September 23, 2019 / by Cathy Zollo

With the next crypto bull market emerging, there are countless retail investors who sense the potential for life-changing profits here. They just don’t have the knowledge, experience or time to take part, to have a chance at the proverbial gold ring. 

Is it their fate to sit on the sidelines while others with more experience prosper? 

Not according to the developers and traders at Crypto.IQ, a company founded by Charlie Shrem, who was among the first handful of people to know Bitcoin even existed. 

Crypto.IQ’s mission has always been to educate the masses about crypto and help them benefit from that knowledge — as so many already have — as well as avoid the losses that so many have suffered. 

That’s why they’ve developed IQ-Tradecraft, a first-of-its-kind Synchronized Execution Platform that puts even the newest crypto enthusiasts on par with top traders. Rather than having to learn trading, understand charts, follow markets, initiate trades and babysit those trades, IQ-Tradecraft allows users to “set it and forget it.”

“We wanted to create a product that would educate members and give novice to experienced traders total control of their crypto while allowing them to, in a sense, piggyback on the pros, seasoned crypto traders with a successful track record,” Shrem said.

The Crypto.IQ trade team has returned more than 500% net profits over the past year, despite slogging through the worst bear market in crypto history. Their success is no mystery, though. It’s based on a thorough understanding of crypto markets and their natural volatility. 

When you understand that, following Warren Buffett’s famous advice, “buy low; sell high” is a lot easier. 

Of course, nothing is foolproof, so these traders know exactly when to enter a trade and when to get out with a nice profit. They also know how to recognize when things aren’t going their way and get out with little or no loss. 

Until now, these types of investment opportunities were available only to accredited investors. IQ-Tradecraft is the only trading system of its kind available to non-accredited, retail investors. So no more logging in, no more 2FA and triple-checking order entries. Users of our Synchronized Execution Platform just link their accounts in one initial setup and have the option to piggyback the pros. Members maintain full control of their accounts; they can pick their exposure, pick their leverage, even pick the coins they want to trade, and the system does the rest.

“This platform delivers timely and actionable market information directly to the client through Crypto.IQ’s breakthrough educational software,” Shrem said. “The client’s pre-approved execution and risk parameters are already in place. It gives clients the best of both worlds — access to the top market information and complete control over how their own accounts use that information. By design, the client is always the final arbiter of any activity, so nothing happens without the client’s explicit pre-approval and consent,” Shrem said.

For more information, visit IQ-Tradecraft

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