Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show March 6: Bitcoin (BTC) Fails to Break Above $3,900, Bitcoin (BTC) May Eventually Rally Due to Surge in Global Money Printing, Lightning Network Being Used to Send Messages Across Space Via Satellites, BTC-e Successor WEX Linked to Money Laundering, 1Broker Goes Out of Business After SEC and CFTC Enforcement

March 6, 2019 / by Zachary Mashiach

Listen to the March 6 Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show

On this edition of the Crypto.IQ Daily Radio Show, we do a deep dive market analysis. Bitcoin (BTC) failed to break above $3,900 earlier this morning, and now the crypto market is mixed. We discuss how the recent stock market surge can be explained by $3 trillion of money printing since November and how this could eventually lead to hyperinflation and a Bitcoin (BTC) rally. Hear about the Blockstream satellites which can be used to send messages across space via the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network. Learn about how 1Broker is going out of business following SEC and CFTC enforcement and how this is a warning to other crypto derivatives exchanges to avoid allowing users in the United States. We also discuss the BTC-e successor WEX, which has been accused of laundering ransomware money.

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