Form 1099-K: What Cryptocurrency Investors Need to Know in 2019

August 16, 2019  /  by Patrick Camuso
The IRS has demonstrated it intends to enforce existing 1099 reporting rules on cryptocurrency exchanges, but it has not followed up by providing clarity regarding those rules. For instance, trading platforms might have to send 1099-B forms to users who exchange one type of coin for another, but they’re not explicitly required to send the… Read more

The Five Lesson From Our “Proof of Stake “ Conference Call

August 5, 2019  /  by Lou Kerner
On June 18th, we held a conference call with five thought leaders (see invite below) on Proof of Stake (PoS) to discuss the advantages of PoS over Proof of Work (PoW), as well as the different flavors of PoS that are emerging. You can watch the entire one hour call below: Or you can read… Read more

Tax Planning For Cryptocurrency Miners

August 2, 2019  /  by Patrick Camuso
Miners are a critical part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. New coins and bitcoin forks are being developed every day with the goal of making mining easier for both existing mining pools and new market participants. But now that an increasing number of individuals and businesses are receiving mining income, tax compliance and tax planning become… Read more

What to Do If You Have Not Reported Your Crypto Trades on Last Year’s Tax Return

July 30, 2019  /  by Patrick Camuso
According to the personal financial service Credit Karma, only about 0.04 percent (or 100 citizens out of 250,000) of United States citizens reported their cryptocurrency transactions to the IRS as of February 13. Back in March of 2014, the IRS began providing some guidance for the taxation of Bitcoin, one of the most popular and… Read more

Top 5 Tax Tips for Cryptocurrency Investors, Traders and Miners

July 18, 2019  /  by Patrick Camuso
Reporting Is The Taxpayers Responsibility Most Cryptocurrency exchanges that you trade on will not provide 1099 reporting data. The exchanges that do provide this data like Coinbase or Gemini have historically only provided Form 1099-K which does not provide the relevant cost basis information required to accurately report your transactions for tax purpose and also… Read more

How to Develop a Trading System

July 11, 2019  /  by Noah Hornaday
Markets directly attack and function based on the emotional and psychological functions that make us human. To trade markets profitably oftentimes requires us to reverse engineer our emotions and do the opposite of what we feel like doing. But this approach is easy to talk about; hard to follow.   Instead of relying on some sort… Read more

Tips to Optimize Profits this Crypto Bull Market

June 19, 2019  /  by Noah Hornaday
Trading during a bear market, a ranging accumulating market, and a bull market in the world of crypto are all very different beasts. With the recent parabolic advance away from the $3100 bottom and above the previous 2018 yearly support, the reversal from the bear market to bull market is now confirmed. After getting battered… Read more

Range Life: Keeping Trading Simple

June 7, 2019  /  by Noah Hornaday
Silicon Valley titan Tim Ferris has a question he asks when tackling complicated tasks: “If this was easy, how would it look?” When we ask this question about trading, longing (buying) at support and shorting (selling) at resistance would be as good a response as any. Oftentimes when prices are beaten down into the accumulation… Read more The Answer to every Crypto Technical Analyst’s Hopes and Dreams

September 7, 2018  /  by Noah Hornaday
Anyone who has seriously performed technical analysis on the crypto markets in the past has likely encountered the painful shortcoming of not being able to chart their favorite coin. This is thanks to the fact that many coins are not available on the popular charting websites and Fortunately for cryptoanalysts, the prominent crypto… Read more

Why the Bitcoin Dominance Index is a Misleading Metric

August 17, 2018  /  by Jackson Rickun
With Bitcoin’s dominance jumping past 50 percent this week, much of the discourse on Twitter and Reddit has been rushing to praise Bitcoin’s supreme reign. It’s surprising to see how fickle speculators and investors are to jump ship or get back on the bandwagon when it comes to talking about Bitcoin and its potential as… Read more