Fewer Than 16 Percent of Ethereum (ETH) Nodes Upgraded; Constantinople Hard Fork Three Days Away

January 14, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
The Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople hard fork will deploy a mere 15,000 blocks from now at block 7.08 million, which will happen in less than three days. Since this is a hard fork, even in the best case scenario there would be two different Ethereum (ETH) blockchains for a short period of time. This could cause… Read more

Bitcoin Hashrate Stabilizing Near 35 Exahash/s After 29 Percent Drop in Mining Difficulty

December 21, 2018  /  by Zachary Mashiach
Bitcoin’s hashrate had been rising exponentially from 2009 through mid-2018, increasing through the megahash (M/H), gigahash (G/H), terrahash (T/H), petahash (P/H), and exahash (E/H) ranges. The hashrate first exceeded 60 EH/s in August 2018, and then the exponential increase gave way to stabilization. In September and October 2018, the hashrate remained stable, averaging above 50… Read more

Crypto Platform Waves’ (WAVES) Popularity Sails Upwards with Recent Announcements

December 20, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Popular blockchain platform Waves has been making ripples in the blockchain space lately thanks to a skyrocketing 40 percent in the past week. The market hype driving the price comes from a string of recent, positive announcements, beginning with the launch of its new mobile application. By marketing itself as a blockchain for the people,… Read more

Blockchain in Space: One small step for Bitcoin (BTC), One giant leap for Mankind

December 19, 2018  /  by Steven Lubka
If you have ever been part of a Bitcoin Q&A, it is likely that you have encountered some version of this question: “What happens if the power grid goes down, an electromagnetic pulse wipes out our computer systems, or there is a terrestrial emergency?” It turns out Blockstream, a Bitcoin development company responsible for both… Read more

Constantinople Hard Fork Could Spell Doomsday for Ethereum

December 10, 2018  /  by Zachary Mashiach
The crypto space is still getting over the Bitcoin Cash fork, which led to the formation of Bitcoin SV along with an 80 percent price crash for Bitcoin Cash, a vicious lawsuit against the biggest backers of Bitcoin Cash. It also initiated an overall crypto space crash that has brought the market to the lowest… Read more

Filament Announces Launch of Blockchain for Vehicle Connectivity

November 12, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Blocklet Trusted Vehicle Application is a new blockchain solution with the capability to assess motorized vehicle conditions and environmental situations. Using a combination of hardware solutions and application software, cars will have comprehensive data recorded and distributed via a mobile connection network to improve safety and operability. Filament, a company responsible for enterprise and industrial… Read more

Blockchain Firm Caught in Territory Dispute in Western Sahara

November 9, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Concerns over energy consumption for maintaining large blockchain networks like Bitcoin has long been a concern for miners and consumers alike. Fortunately, many blockchain projects go hand-in-hand with renewable energy initiatives. Bitcoin production consumes 73 terawatt hours (TWh) per year compared to gold’s 150 TWh consumption according to Digiconomist. Although the value of Bitcoin produced… Read more

New Developments in Side-chain Technologies by Cardano Development Team, IOHK

November 7, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
IOHK, the technology company that developed Cardano, has produced a paper detailing their work on a new proof-of-work sidechain. The new sidechain will provide a decentralized method of interaction between two different blockchains — one based on verification rather than trust. This new link between blockchain and side-chain “gives rise to two illustrative examples: the… Read more

Crypto.IQ Scores Interview with Sophia.TX CEO Jaroslav Kacina

November 6, 2018  /  by Noah Hornaday
NOTE: Sophia.TX is an emerging blockchain platform that uses the $SPHTX token to facilitate supply chain processes of all types, similar to SAP, around the world. The Sophia.TX team’s primary focus has been on real-world application from the start, leaving very little time (or desire) for them to market and get the company name out… Read more

Federation Blockchains May Provide Future for Cross-Chain Transactions

October 29, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Transactions between different blockchains has historically been something only provided by centralized exchanges, until now. As of Oct. 24, 2018 the first Federation Blockchain, Mallow allowing for cross-chain transactions between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH) was launched by iBitcome and partnered exchange, DEx.top. A Federation Blockchain uses an open source protocol known as Open… Read more