Ledger and Blockchain Announce New Blockchain Lockbox Hardware Wallet

October 26, 2018  /  by Jackson Rickun
Cold-storage wallet manufacturer Ledger announced today a new hardware partnership with Blockchain, a Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency software company. The partnership will come in the form of a new hardware wallet, dubbed the Blockchain Lockbox, a specially-branded Ledger Nano S combined with Blockchain’s software capabilities. Blockchain, formerly known as Blockchain.info, is one of the oldest software wallet… Read more

Call of Duty Spawns Cryptocurrency Theft Ring: Player Group Steal over $3 Million

October 24, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
A rise in the age of digital money has unfortunately resulted in a rise in digital crimes, exemplified by a surge in recent cryptocurrency thefts. Recent FBI reports show that homes of two men from Dolton, Illinois and Bloomington, Indiana were searched in an investigation into $3.3 million in various stolen cryptocurrencies. FBI reports show… Read more

8 Factor Authorization

August 27, 2018  /  by Ronald Tichenor
Security is important in crypto. And it is even more important than in traditional financial services because we are responsible for our own security. But some of our current solutions and (hopefully temporary) compromises are getting old quickly. The idea of 2 Factor Authorization is perfectly understandable and temporarily acceptable. By using two different modes… Read more

Bitcoin IRA: Best Practices for the Investor

July 10, 2018  /  by Cathy Zollo
As waves of baby boomers reach retirement and have the option of moving their 401ks to IRAs — along with job changers who may do the same — the diverse investment choices allowed by Individual Retirement Accounts come into play. Many of these retiring and job changing investors are now including Bitcoin in their IRA… Read more