Ransomware Victim Hacks His Hackers

October 10, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
A user got to counter the ransomware attackers that encrypted his files by hacking their server and releasing the decryption keys for all other victims. This incident involved the Muhstik ransomware. Muhstik is a recent strain of ransomware that has been active since late September, according to reports. This ransomware targets network-attached storage (NAS) devices… Read more

Chainalysis Launches Actionable Real-Time Alerts for Suspicious Crypto Transactions

August 26, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
New York-based blockchain analysis company Chainalysis has announced the launch of a new alert service that flags suspicious cryptocurrency transactions. Chainalysis’ Know Your Transaction (KYT) tool is a real-time anti-money laundering compliant solution for monitoring transactions and is available for 15 top cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Maker… Read more

David Chaum Reveals Next Generation Digital Currency Praxxis

August 22, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
Praxxis is a new blockchain that implements a completely new approach to consensus, based on David Chaum’s previous experience with digital assets, voting, and distributed consensus. With Chaum at the lead, the team of WBM Corp. worked on the new cryptocurrency Praxxis while most of the development was kept under wraps until now. Building on… Read more

QRL Leading the Charge Against Quantum Computing Blockchain Threat

August 21, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
Quantum computers have long been dubbed as the nemesis of the whole cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrencies represent a piece of software that relies on the security of the blockchain to store or use the respective digital assets. If the security rules are in any way compromised, then the software becomes unreliable and prone to attacks from… Read more

What is the Cost of Keeping Blockchain Secure?

April 17, 2019  /  by Cathy Zollo
Last March 25, cryptocurrency data portal Messari published a new screener that revealed how much miners are paid for top-listed “proof of work” coins. The figures estimated that $7.3 million dollars worth of BTC tokens are issued on a daily basis. Meanwhile with regards to mining fees, it is shown that more than $115,000 are distributed. These… Read more

The Large Bitcoin (BTC) Collider: a Pool of Computers Attempting to Brute Force Bitcoin (BTC) Private Keys, Calculates 300-500 Million Keys Per Second and 36,080 Trillion Private Keys Generated So Far, but Would Still Take at Least 2.58X1024 Years to Find a Private Key Collision

March 21, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
In July 2016, Bitcointalk user Rico666 began to formulate the large Bitcoin (BTC) collider, a project to determine how feasible it is to brute force Bitcoin (BTC) private keys via a hash collision. The initial program was able to calculate two million private keys per second. By August 2016, Rico666 launched a pool for this… Read more

Rogue Block Producer Compromises EOS Blacklist, 2.09 Million EOS Worth $7.5 Million Escapes, Rogue Block Producer Fired, EOS42 Proposes Giving ECAF More Power, Perhaps It Is Time To Get Rid of the ECAF?

March 4, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
EOS has a centralized system for disputing and freezing accounts via the EOSIO Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF). The ECAF runs a blacklist of EOS accounts that contain supposedly stolen funds, and all 21 EOS block producers must simultaneously enforce the blacklist in order for it to be effective. However, a rogue block producer named games.eos… Read more

How Blockstream is Fighting Crypto Exchange Fraud

February 12, 2019  /  by Steven Lubka
It is no secret that cryptocurrency exchanges have a bad reputation for mismanaging, losing access to, and misrepresenting customer funds and liquidity. The most recent debacle was the “death” of Quadriga Exchange’s founder. According to the exchange, Founder Gerald Cotten died with sole access to the cold wallet that stored customer’s funds. However, many customers… Read more

Interview With Bread (BRD) Wallet Co-founder: a Mobile Wallet That Stores Private Keys on Phone in a Cryptographically Secure Enclave Rather Than on a Server

January 29, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
Listen to the interview with Aaron Lasher, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Bread (BRD) wallet At the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Crypto.IQ interviewed Aaron Lasher, the Co-Founder and chief strategy officer at Bread (BRD), which is an easy to use mobile cryptocurrency wallet on iOS and Android. Bread (BRD) currently integrates Bitcoin… Read more

Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Claims It’s Been Hacked, Goes Offline After Months of Problems; Users Cry Exit Scam

January 15, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange has announced that it has been hacked and is coordinating with police to investigate. This announcement follows two continuous days of unscheduled maintenance, during which time $2.5 million of Ethereum (ETH) and over $1 million of various ERC-20 tokens have been drained from the exchange. Officials are unavailable for comment, but… Read more