German Banks Will Be Allowed to Buy, Sell, and Store Cryptocurrency Starting New Years Day

December 2, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
Germany has just passed a new law which will allow banks to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency starting on New Years Day. This creates the potential for Germany to become a ‘crypto heaven’, where cryptocurrencies will be widely available to all citizens. Simultaneously however, this new law requires that pre-existing cryptocurrency exchanges need to have… Read more

FinCEN Has Declared That Stablecoin Operators Must Register As MSBs and Follow KYC/AML; This Decision Could Be a Death Blow for the Stablecoin Industry in the United States

November 21, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Director Kenneth A. Blanco spoke at the Chainalysis Blockchain Symposium — a crypto conference run by one of the top blockchain forensics firms — and dropped some heavy regulatory news about the stablecoin industry. Essentially, stablecoin operators themselves, i.e. the companies that launch and manage stablecoin networks, are now considered… Read more

CFTC Chairman Calls for the United States to Nurture the Crypto Space Instead of Impeding It

November 14, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
The Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Heath Tarbert, has publicly stated that the crypto space could result in a fundamental transformational change to the global finance industry and that the United States should lead in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology rather than impeding it.  This statement comes hot on the heels of Chinese… Read more

China Not Banning The Crypto Mining Industry, For Now At Least

November 6, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of the People’s Republic of China has sway over which industries to encourage, which industries to regulate, and which industries to eliminate. In April the NDRC caused a stir in the crypto space by adding virtual currency mining to the industries that will be eliminated. The NDRC then… Read more

Founder Of ATM Coin And Blue Bit Banc Gets 86 Months in Prison and $4.5 Million of Fines for Fraudulent Binary Options Scheme

November 5, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) brought the hammer down on Blake Harisson Kantor, Nathan Mullins and five related corporations including Blue Bit Banc, Blue Bit Analytics, Mercury Cove, Blue Wolf Sales Consultants, and Thomas Client Services.  Apparently, the defendants solicited investors to buy binary options, where investors would be paid predetermined amounts… Read more

Crypto-Anarchist Movement Paralelní Polis Warned by Central Bank of Czech Republic for Using the Word Coin to Describe Physical Bitcoins (BTC)

November 4, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
The Czech National Bank, which is the Central Bank of the Czech Republic, has sent an official threat to the crypto-anarchist movement Paralelní Polis for using the word coin to describe their series of unique physical Bitcoins (BTC). If the word coin is not removed from their website Paralelní Polis will receive a fine.  According… Read more

Facebook CEO Admits to Legislators That Libra Is A “Risky Project”

October 25, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, appeared before the House Financial Services Committee to give insight into the company’s dealings. The members of Congress grilled the CEO raising their concerns regarding the company’s cryptocurrency project.   Libra is a risky project Zuckerberg admitted on Wednesday that Libra was a ‘risky project’ but wanted to assure lawmakers… Read more

The SEC Nukes $1.7 Billion Telegram ICO for Securities Violations, Destroying a Major Cryptocurrency Before it Even Launches. Will Telegram Messenger Survive?

October 14, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a lawsuit against Telegram Group Inc. its -oriented subsidiary TON Issuer Inc. the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. This lawsuit essentially kills the $1.7 billion Telegram initial coin (ICO) that sold the Grams token. This is actually the 2nd biggest ICO… Read more

Japan Legalizes Cryptocurrency Donations to Politicians With No Limits in Place

October 11, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
In a surprising move the Japanese government, politicians in the country can now receive unlimited donations without any need of disclosing them to the concerned authorities.  Sanae Takaichi, the country’s internal affairs, and communications minister revealed that in a press briefing a couple of days ago. She claimed that crypto donations do not come under… Read more

EOS Firm Fined $24 Million For Selling Unregistered Securities

October 3, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
The SEC announced that it had handed EOS maker a $24 million civil fine for carrying out an unlawful ICO. The ICO reportedly generated close to $4.1 billion over one year between June 2017 and June 2018. did not admit to any wrongdoing but did not fight the charge and agreed to pay… Read more
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