Monero ‘Triptych’ Will Increase Privacy and Scalability If Implemented

January 9, 2020  /  by Crypto.IQ
A new privacy protocol called Triptych could improve the privacy and scalability of Monero (XMR) as described in a January 6 research paper. Triptych builds upon Ring Confidential Transactions, also known as RingCTs, which is the mechanism used by Monero (XMR) to obscure the value of a transaction. RingCTs use decoy inputs in order to… Read more

Mimblewimble’s Privacy Compromised Via Sniffer Node Attack, and Now the Code Is Publicly Available

November 20, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
Mimblewimble is a unique and relatively new privacy protocol used by the cryptocurrencies Grin, Beam, and Tari, with Grin and Beam having market caps of $37 million and $30 million respectively. The point of Mimblewimble is to completely obfuscate the origin, destination, and the amount of a transaction. However, a hacker claims to have compromised… Read more

Privacy Oriented Cryptocurrencies Like Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), and Dash (DASH) Are Being Delisted from Exchanges Across the World, Paving the Way for a Stealth Cryptocurrency Blackmarket

September 19, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
In June, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an organization that comprises 37 countries and is led by the United States, released a 47-page manual of global regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges. Member countries have 12 months to implement these rules, meaning a global audit will be performed in June 2020. It is theorized that up… Read more

Zcash (ZEC) Is a Privacy Coin That Is Optionally Transparent, Which Has Allowed it to Be Listed on Coinbase up to Now, but Will Zcash (ZEC) Be Delisted Anyways, and Does Optional Transparency Compromise Anonymity?

September 18, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
The king of stealth cryptocurrencies is Monero (XMR), which fully obfuscates the destination and origin of a transaction as well as the amount, and there is no option to send transparent transactions. The problem with this is there is no way for Monero (XMR) to be compliant with government regulations due to its anonymity, and… Read more

OKEx Korea To Delist Privacy Coins For Violation Of FATF Travel Rule

September 18, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
On Monday, South Korea’s OKEx exchange announced that it would delist five cryptocurrencies offering additional privacy features to users. The exchange indicated that from October 10th it would not be supporting privacy coins Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Super Bitcoin (SBTC), Dash (DASH), and Horizen (ZEN). Delisted privacy coins violate FATF travel rule The exchange indicates… Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Is Not Anonymous, And Why Satoshi Cannot Even Send A Satoshi

September 17, 2019  /  by Crypto.IQ
In the earliest days of Bitcoin (BTC) perhaps it could be said that Bitcoin (BTC) was anonymous. This is indeed why Bitcoin (BTC) became the currency of choice for darknet markets like the Silk Road. However, Bitcoin (BTC) transactions have always been traceable on a publicly accessible block explorer. Back in the day, it may… Read more

Facebook Will Probably Launch a Cryptocurrency in the First Half of This Year, but it Looks to Be the Polar Opposite of Bitcoin (BTC), Rather it May Be a PayPal and Visa Competitor

March 6, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
There is increasing hype and speculation regarding a theoretical Facebook Coin, which may become a reality in the first half of 2019. Indeed, Facebook has been ramping up the size of its blockchain team to about 50 employees. The blockchain team is working in a building where regular Facebook employees do not have access in… Read more

Can a Consortium Controlled Blockchain Protect Individual Consumer Data?

December 23, 2018  /  by Steven Lubka
Next year is shaping up to be a big year for blockchain and cryptocurrency and will see the launch of several major industrial platforms that offer either distributed ledgers solutions or cryptocurrencies. Bakkt is a well-known initiative that will offer the easy ability to accept Bitcoin to a wide variety of corporations while also providing… Read more

NZ: Submit to Digital Search or Face $5000 Customs fine

October 5, 2018  /  by CathyTest ZolloTest
Customs officials in New Zealand now have the authority to not only inspect your electronic devices physically but also to have a peek inside, should you arouse any suspicion on the digital front. For your part, you’re expected to fork over any passwords, access codes, or fingerprints needed to unlock the device or face a… Read more

Privacy is a Delicate Human Right

July 10, 2018  /  by Carly Capko
Mao Tse Tung himself probably didn’t know that the dissidents who accepted his 1956 invitation to critique China’s communist regime would come to a bad end. His 100 Flowers Campaign started out as a way to germinate ideas for a better China and reunite disenfranchised intellectuals and free thinkers with their government. It succeeded in… Read more