Dodgers To Hold First Crypto Giveaway In Sports History

September 21, 2018  /  by Cathy Zollo
Forget your breakable bobbleheads that may or may not survive your kids. Forget your knit caps, your gel packs, your mousepads and other whatnots sports teams give away to ardent fans when they attend games. Promotional sports memorabilia has entered a new age. In a leadoff promotion that is sure to be repeated by other… Read more

Bitcoin Cash’s Survival in Question as Possible Split Looms

September 19, 2018  /  by Cathy Zollo
We love the smell of karma in the morning. It smells like justice. We’re not going to lie. Watching the Bitcoin Cash crowd suffer from what the Beatles would call instant karma is is wildly entertaining. We feel strongly about the survival of Bitcoin and of the larger cryptocurrency community because it’s the route to… Read more

Gemini Launched its Stablecoin this Week and Here’s What You Should Know

September 14, 2018  /  by Jackson Rickun
On September 10, Gemini announced the release of a new stable value coin pegged to the U.S. dollar. In a Medium press release, Gemini said that its stablecoin, called the Gemini dollar, (GUSD) is the first trusted and regulated cryptocurrency token of its kind. And in the wake of concerns over Tether and its nebulous… Read more

Anna Sale Interview with Charlie Shrem

September 12, 2018  /  by Charlie Shrem
NOTE: In October 2017, Charlie Shrem sat down with Anna Sale to be interviewed for her show, “Death, Sex, and Money.” The following is a transcript of that interview, but if you’d like to watch, you’ll find the link here. Eva: Good evening everybody, how’s everybody doing tonight? Good, awesome my name is Eva Vieira… Read more

More Millionaires Than Bitcoins

September 11, 2018  /  by Ronald Tichenor
When I first started researching Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in late 2013, one of the things I was drawn to was this idea of an alternative financial system, or at least a new way to conduct financial transactions that would finally benefit individuals rather than institutions. But when I looked at Bitcoin in those terms and… Read more

Gemini Launches the Gemini dollar: U.S. Dollars on the Blockchain

September 10, 2018  /  by Cathy Zollo
We like what Cameron Winklevoss said about the new the Gemini dollar. He called it part of a greater effort to build “a bridge to the future of money.” And that, to us, is exactly what it does. Charlie says a solid stable coin will allow people to get into crypto without taking a position.… Read more The Answer to every Crypto Technical Analyst’s Hopes and Dreams

September 7, 2018  /  by Noah Hornaday
Anyone who has seriously performed technical analysis on the crypto markets in the past has likely encountered the painful shortcoming of not being able to chart their favorite coin. This is thanks to the fact that many coins are not available on the popular charting websites and Fortunately for cryptoanalysts, the prominent crypto… Read more

Introducing ShapeShift Membership

September 5, 2018  /  by Cathy Zollo
We thought it was interesting that Shapeshift didn’t say why it’s instituting the requirement that everyone has to become a member. Our guess is that they are anticipating regulation that will require strict KYC policies for companies that trade in crypto. In fact, the SEC has been telegraphing what it expects from exchanges and perhaps… Read more

Bitcoin’s Path to Method of Payment

September 4, 2018  /  by Cathy Zollo
The emotional aspects of Bitcoin ownership and adoption are complex, as Jimmy Song so eloquently points out in this piece. There are people like us here at Crypto.IQ, who grasp the magnitude of what Bitcoin means for the future of all people. We are just as excited about how it can enhance personal freedom as… Read more

What the Business World Sees as Blockchains Biggest Barriers

August 31, 2018  /  by Jackson Rickun
Subjective regulatory uncertainty and trust are barriers to blockchain adoption among businesses, according to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey. The study surveyed 600 business executives around the world from over 10 industries, asking respondents a series of questions regarding the adoption of blockchain in the next three to five years. Executives also said that separate… Read more