Crypto & Coffee

July 6, 2018  /  by Charlie Shrem
 Charlie chats about decentralization, exchanges, the latest Satoshi wannabe, and shares a security tip.

Why are You Buying Cryptocurrencies?

May 25, 2018  /  by Charlie Shrem
When you buy a cryptocurrency, what are you actually buying? Some coins we want to use as a convenience like a pure currency. Others give us access to a platform or app. Generally speaking, we are buying cryptocurrencies most often as investments, with the hope that they will appreciate in value. These function like a… Read more


March 24, 2018  /  by Michael Kimelman
Now is the Winter of Our Discontent…. Hyper-volatility may make crypto a trader’s paradise, but it can be gut-wrenching for those of us in this game for the long run. December mania has become March despair. We’ve watched the prices of most altcoins get clubbed like a seal, with even the blue chips being bludgeoned.… Read more
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