Bitcoin (BTC): Bottom is Confirmed Ahead of Fed Meeting

December 19, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
Chartwork in Bitcoin (BTC) would suggest a bottom is in. There are several factors highlighted by our Crypto.IQ trading desk that suggest dips should be bought. In fact, it may be true that crypto traders should actually be cheering for negative news from the Fed decision. That could provide a dip and a buying opportunity.… Read more

Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV), EOS: Pausing

December 18, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
Big coins underneath Bitcoin (BTC) are stalling. All of these coins are at resistance determined by Elliott Wave analysis. It seems all these coins are stalling at horizontal resistance. The horizontal resistance is drawn from the starting point of the selling climax that led to the recent bottom. The Elliot jargon is “a return to… Read more

Bitcoin (BTC): The Refined Case for a Bottom

December 18, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
There have been several technical developments that suggest a bottom is in. The question at hand is when and where to make the buy. The Fed meeting on Dec. 19 and the Ethereum hard fork in January are likely scary events that may provide opportunities. Overnight, savvy readers and the Crypto IQ trading desk found… Read more

Bitcoin (BTC), S&P 500 (SPY), Dollar Index: Crypto Fed Preview

December 17, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
With massive price action in multiple markets, it may be time to look at the macroeconomic reasons behind Bitcoin’s (BTC) attempt at a bottom. To decipher what is happening today, you have to look at other markets to explain Bitcoin’s (BTC) up move. Was Crypto an Equities Hedge? The Fed meets to make a key… Read more

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Activity Valuation Analysis

December 17, 2018  /  by Ronald Tichenor
Since Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) difficult divorce last month from Bitcoin SV (BSV), its valuation picture has improved significantly, but it took a lot of damage to get there. In early November, about a week before the Bitcoin Cash fork, we looked at the valuation of BCH using Blocktivity’s Activity Valuation Index (AVI). At the time,… Read more

Ethereum (ETH), EOS, Litecoin (LTC): Major Price Pivot Levels

December 17, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
Big coins have reached important tactical pivot levels. What is a pivot level? A pivot level is used as a marker. If a coin gets above a pivot and holds that level on a retest, you could say the outlook is bullish. If a coin gets to a pivot and either pops above it and… Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) — What are the Chances that Bitcoin (BTC) has Bottomed?

December 17, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
Looking at charts and sentiment indicators, it appears a combination of extreme bearish sentiment and strong Fibonacci and Gann support has created today’s strong bounce in Bitcoin (BTC). As of Friday, bullish sentiment in Bitcoin (BTC) was close to 10 percent bullish (Figure 1). This matched the low after the Bitcoin (BTC) crash in February… Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: $3,200 Crucial Support Line

December 14, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
There is mounting technical evidence that the $3,200 – $3,300 level in Bitcoin (BTC) is a major pivot point. If Bitcoin (BTC) holds $3,200, that could lead to stability. We do not expect that, but it is possible. On the other hand, if Bitcoin (BTC) falls below $3,200, that could lead to a move to… Read more

Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken Show the Real Value of Digital Assets

December 14, 2018  /  by Steven Lubka
The 2018 cryptocurrency market has rattled many of even the firmest proponents of digital assets. While we have seen the market for digital assets shed over 80 percent of its value, certain cryptocurrency companies have seen their valuation increase. Can the valuations being placed on companies like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken by savvy investors tell… Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Price Could be Headed for Low $3,000’s or Worse

December 13, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
Fibonacci Angles Bitcoin (BTC) has currently failed at resistance near $3,361 and now appears ready to head for levels like $3,125 or perhaps $3,000. Bitcoin (BTC) has been very responsive to analysis methods that use angles to find levels where big trends will stop and start. 200-day Moving Average The 200-day moving average can help… Read more
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