Stablecoins Don’t Defeat the Purpose of Crypto; They Advance It

October 25, 2018  /  by Jackson Rickun
The sudden explosion of stablecoins in the past few months has been a milestone in cryptocurrency development. It’s helped mitigate concerns over a Tether implosion and has opened up channels of liquidity into cryptocurrency ecosystems for investors and everyday users alike. Stablecoins bring fiat stability to crypto channels and are a necessary step in the… Read more

Ravencoin Gets a Binance Bump

October 23, 2018  /  by Ronald Tichenor
Ravencoin (RVN) has experienced a Binance bump after being added to the exchange on Oct. 12, up nearly 200% since then. And it hasn’t been just a spike in price as the volume is up massively, which likely comes from the increased visibility. It attracted lots of new eyes on the project where it had… Read more

The Fidelity Crypto Bulldozer

October 17, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
This week’s announcement by Fidelity about the launch of an institutional trading platform for crypto seemed to get too little attention. Anything that can counteract the endless FUD is most certainly newsworthy even if it didn’t move crypto prices. In our view, this announcement is beyond a counter to FUD. It is a part of… Read more

How to Identify Altcoin Bottoms and Trend Reversals

October 14, 2018  /  by Noah Hornaday
From 2000-2002, Amazon’s stock dropped 95%. Since then, the stock went on to rise over 35,000%. It is safe to say those who sold near the lows in 2002 are kicking themselves. Of course, not every altcoin is going to go on to be as world-changing as Amazon. It’s likely most of them won’t, to… Read more

Binance Delists Four Coins

October 10, 2018  /  by Ronald Tichenor
Binance has announced the delisting of four coins from its platform: Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN), and Triggers (TRIG). Following the announcement, each coin was down at least 30% across the ecosystem except for Iconomi which was down approximately 10%. Bytecoin, ChatCoin, and Iconomi are well distributed across various exchanges, so trading should not… Read more

Add Murder to Maduro’s Crimes

October 10, 2018  /  by Cathy Zollo
The suffering for Venezuelans started with higher prices. Now, that level of suffering seems a past paradise compared to the the runaway inflation, the starvation, the lack of government services — and murder. Venezuelan opposition leader Fernando Albán, a Caracas councilman and outspoken critic of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, is reported by police to have… Read more

Bots Gone Wild

October 9, 2018  /  by Ronald Tichenor
Another bot has gone hog wild in recent days, this time on Bitstamp. This one briefly affected Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, sending prices wildly out of whack with the rest of the market. Congrats to those who had buy orders in on Litecoin down to $1.29 because they got filled. Five minutes later it… Read more

Hong Kong Bong

October 9, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
On October 8, the de-facto central bank for Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), issued a press release denying they would be buying crypto assets. Here is a link to the release. This quote stands out: “The HKMA would like to remind the public that the HKMA has never invested and does not… Read more

Leading Institutional Investor Moving Yale Endowment Toward Crypto

October 5, 2018  /  by Cathy Zollo
We go through a lot of news from wide-ranging sources here at Crypto.IQ, keeping our ear to the ground, our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world of crypto. Along with talking to sources all over the globe, watching charts and markets and babysitting social media, this is how we spot… Read more

The Petro — A Revolutionary Future for Venezuela or an Exit Scam for Maduro

October 4, 2018  /  by Ronald Tichenor
This week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the official launch of the Petro cryptocurrency created earlier this year. Venezuela suffers from a collapsing economy, political strife, international sanctions, an estimated one million percent inflation this year, and all the civil unrest that comes with that. It is easy to understand how a government might look… Read more