BREAKING: Ethereum Classic (ETC) Hit With 51 Percent Attack A Week Before Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork

January 7, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
Ethereum Classic (ETC), which is listed on Coinbase and ranked number 17 on CoinMarketCap with a market cap near $550 million, has been hit with a 51 percent attack. The attack appears to have occurred from 9 p.m. Jan. 6 to just after midnight on Jan. 7 and resulted in a blockchain reorganization hundreds of… Read more

Big Coin Update: Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX), Ethereum (ETH)

January 7, 2019  /  by Bill Noble
If Litecoin (LTC) holds the area near $38, the technical structure could be very bullish. That would confirm a breakout from a head and shoulders pattern with an upward sloping neckline. Even though those patterns are not conventional, breakouts from such patterns can trigger vertical up moves. The target of the pattern is in the… Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Technicals: Diamonds and the Russians

January 7, 2019  /  by Bill Noble
Given the weekend rally, we saw three developments that seem worth mentioning: 1) Bitcoin (BTC) has horizontal resistance at $4,069 2) Bitcoin (BTC) has broken out of a diamond formation. The vertical up move on Sunday is consistent with a diamond breakout. The upside target from the diamond is $4,270. The upside target from a… Read more

Crypto’s Top 50 (Part Four): NEM (XEM), Ethereum Classic (ETC), NEO (NEO), Maker (MKR), and ZCash (ZCASH)

January 6, 2019  /  by Steven Lubka
This is the fourth part of a series that will cover all of the top 50 Cryptocurrencies and provide an introduction to what the coin does, why it matters, and any important highlights. The goal of the Top 50 series is to give readers a basic understanding of each coin that simplifies a thorough technical understanding… Read more

Beware Of Cryptos Copying Bitcoin

January 4, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
Bitcoin (BTC) is the one and only king of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has by far the highest market cap at $68 billion with a price of $3,800 per coin as of today. Bitcoin’s trading volume on the spot markets is in excess of $4 billion per day, far higher than any other cryptocurrency, and this does… Read more

Global Stock Market Cap, Cryptocurrency Market Cap Peaked in January 2018 — Both Declining Since

January 4, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
It is well known among crypto enthusiasts that the total cryptocurrency market cap peaked in January 2018. Specifically, on Jan. 7, 2018, the crypto market peaked at $834 billion and has since then declined to $132 billion today. This is an 84 percent crash, which is strongly in bear market territory. The crypto space is… Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Technicals: A Series of One’s and Two’s

January 4, 2019  /  by Bill Noble
Looking at the Bitcoin (BTC) short-term charts, it would be encouraging if the $3,861 held as support (Figure 1). That level is the 76 percent retracement of the recent up move that topped out at $4,000. If $3,861 holds as support in Bitcoin (BTC), the possibility exists that the intraday chart of Bitcoin (BTC) is… Read more

Crypto, Stocks, Dollar: Who Sinks; Who Swims?

January 3, 2019  /  by Bill Noble
It would seem everybody in crypto these days is a macro strategist. We are proud to say that 2019 is our second full year looking at crypto as a part of a macro framework. In 2018, we caught the top in stocks in September and October, but it was a very empty victory. Big players… Read more

Burstcoin (BURST) PoCC Resigns after Scandal; Community Optimistic It Can Continue

January 3, 2019  /  by Zachary Mashiach
The Burstcoin (BURST) community was rocked last week by a scandal involving the Proof of Capacity Consortium (PoCC), a group of semi-official Burstcoin developers. The PoCC commandeered miner’s hard drives without consent in order to merge mine Bitcoin HD (BHD). The PoCC offered no compensation and sold all of the BHD they mined for profit,… Read more

Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin LTC: Drag of the Dogs

January 3, 2019  /  by Bill Noble
Currently, Ethereum (ETH) is near resistance in the $162 — $167 zone. $167 is horizontal resistance (Figure 1).  $162 is diagonal resistance from Fibonacci speed lines (Figure 2). Support in Ethereum (ETH) is at the 38 percent retracement of the most recent leg up at $151. Bigger support would be at 76 percent of the… Read more
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