French Parliament Makes Moves to Lower Bitcoin Tax

November 15, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Longtime bitcoin users are familiar with the difficulties that arise when tax season approaches. While many countries have hefty taxes on cryptocurrencies and their capital gains, France has set the two apart with a 36 percent Bitcoin tax compared to 30 percent on other gains. Now, however, Senate legislators of the lower house of parliament… Read more

Target Twitter Account Hacked, Ran Cryptocurrency Giveaway Scam

November 13, 2018  /  by Jackson Rickun
Early this morning, hackers targeted retail giant Target’s Twitter account to run a cryptocurrency giveaway scam, promising to gift cryptocurrency to those who sent Bitcoin first to the hacker’s public address. The tweet said Target was giving away 5,000 BTC to the community as celebration for accepting cryptocurrency payments in store. Users who sent 0.2… Read more

A Contentious Bitcoin Cash Fork Is a Dangerous Thing

November 12, 2018  /  by Ronald Tichenor
The planned Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork on November 15th normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but this time it’s shaping up to be a lot more problematic. There isn’t consensus on the changes that will be made, so there are two rival groups competing for control of the direction the currency takes. Next week’s fork… Read more

Founder of EtherDelta Charged by SEC for Operating an Unregulated Exchange

November 9, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Zachary Coburn, founder of decentralized trading platform EtherDelta, has just been formally charged with operating an unregistered securities exchange by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC has found that EtherDelta has been offering the trading of ERC-20 tokens, a type of token often issued in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Over an 18-month… Read more

Blockchain Firm Caught in Territory Dispute in Western Sahara

November 9, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Concerns over energy consumption for maintaining large blockchain networks like Bitcoin has long been a concern for miners and consumers alike. Fortunately, many blockchain projects go hand-in-hand with renewable energy initiatives. Bitcoin production consumes 73 terawatt hours (TWh) per year compared to gold’s 150 TWh consumption according to Digiconomist. Although the value of Bitcoin produced… Read more

Colorado Elects Blockchain Friendly Governor

November 9, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Tuesday’s election results bring a big win for Bitcoin and blockchain with the election of democratic candidate Jared Polis as governor of Colorado. After defeating his opponent, Walker Stapleton, Polis now aims to integrate blockchain technologies into local government. Polis began supporting cryptocurrency in his previous position the Congressional representative for Colorado’s second district. He… Read more

Dash Text Brings SMS Payment Options to Venezuela

November 8, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Venezuelans have suffered at the hands of a hyperinflationary currency for the majority of 2018. The price of a cafe con leche hit an unbelievable 2 million bolivars in June, which reflects the 98% drop in value the bolivar has suffered over the past year. Government restrictions in place to limit access and use of… Read more

Decentralized Energy Grid Provides Clean Energy Alternative

November 7, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
Disruption to the energy sector by renewable energies has been slowly building with increasing demand for wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy. Previously, bringing these energy infrastructures to developing economies was dominated by non-governmental organizations and government aid, but blockchain companies are now looking to guide the sector by providing a managed decentralized approach to emerging… Read more

New Developments in Side-chain Technologies by Cardano Development Team, IOHK

November 7, 2018  /  by Angel Reyes
IOHK, the technology company that developed Cardano, has produced a paper detailing their work on a new proof-of-work sidechain. The new sidechain will provide a decentralized method of interaction between two different blockchains — one based on verification rather than trust. This new link between blockchain and side-chain “gives rise to two illustrative examples: the… Read more

A Different Kind of Double Bottom

November 7, 2018  /  by Bill Noble
Recently, The New York Times published a piece reporting that the Winkelvoss twins are suing Charlie Shrem, alleging fraud over 5,000 Bitcoin left me depressed and bewildered. The New York Times piece used graphics and language to imply that the Winkelvoss twins were justified in their lawsuit based on the fact that Charlie had purchased… Read more
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