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Crypto.IQ’s Synchronized Execution Platform Puts Retail Crypto Traders on Par with the Pros

With the next crypto bull market emerging, there are countless retail investors who sense the potential for life-changing profits here. They just don’t have the knowledge, experience or time to take part, to have a chance at the proverbial gold ring.  Is it their fate to sit on the sidelines while others with more experience… Read more

The Time Bitcoin (BTC) Accidentally Forked in March 2013, and Someone Sent a $10,000 Double Spend at That Exact Moment

In the middle of March 2013, Bitcoin (BTC) experienced its only accidental split, or fork, in history. A fork happens when there are two chains running simultaneously, which can lead to loss of miner revenue, loss of funds due to transactions being sent between different chains, and malicious double spends. Indeed, a fork is one… Read more

Blockstream’s Adam Back Predicts Bitcoin Sidechains May Replace Altcoins

Bitcoin (BTC) pioneer Adam Back talked about Bitcoin’s sidechains and their potential impact on the current altcoin market at the Transylvania Crypto Conference. The main idea is that additional functionality built on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain via sidechains could make many of the altcoins unnecessary. Bitcoin Sidechains The Future The first whitepaper for Bitcoin sidechains… Read more

Satoshi Games Launches New Game That Allows Players to Earn BTC

Satoshi Games Studios has announced the introduction of a Bitcoin-enabled game. The Fortnite-like game dubbed Lightnite with built-in Lightning Network allows players to get rewards. According to the announcement made over the weekend, the interaction between players offers monetary rewards. However, for those who don’t play well, they will incur a penalty. Satoshi Games explained… Read more

Dutch Bank ING Experts Warn That a Central Bank-Backed Digital Currency Will Do More Harm Than Good

Banking and financial experts from Dutch bank ING have indicated that soon they will offer a fully-fledged central bank cryptocurrency. They predict that this could be a reality in the next five years. ING’s lead economist for digital finance Teunis Bronsens and chief economist Mark Cliffe gave insight on the merits and drawbacks of a… Read more

18 Million Bitcoins Mined And Just 3 Million To Go

Bitcoin miners have now produced the 18 millionth Bitcoin. It’s another milestone that puts its history in some perspective and gives us an idea of its future performance. One of the most outstanding aspects of Bitcoin is its scarcity. As time progresses, more people around the globe continue to learn and appreciate the finite supply… Read more

Overstock Founder Patrick Byrne’s Wild Story: Affair With a Russian Spy While Acting As An Informant For The FBI, Flees The Country To Escape The Deep State, and Dumps All of His Stock for Crypto and Precious Metals To Save Overstock When the Economy Collapses

Patrick M. Byrne launched Overstock in 1999, an e-commerce store similar to Amazon that has grown into a company with $1.8 billion of annual revenue and over $400 million of assets. Notably, Overstock became the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments in January 2014. Also, Overstock has made $175 million of investments into… Read more

Brave Browser Achieves a New Landmark With Eight Million Active Users Every Month

Crypto-powered Brave web browser announced on October 16th that it has achieved a new landmark with eight million active users every month. The daily count for active users currently stands at more than 2.8 million, and it also saw a substantial increase in the creators who have subscribed to Brave’s web advertisement network. There are… Read more

The Crypto Lending Industry Has Learned from the Mistakes of the Past and Is Now Nearly 100% Collateralized, Paving the Way for Rapid Growth

Uncollateralized Loans And Market Volatility Turned Early Crypto Lending Into A Disaster The early days of the crypto lending industry were for the most part disastrous. Borrowers and lenders interacted on peer to peer platforms like BTCJam and BitLendingClub. Borrowers would apply for a loan by explaining what they needed the loan for and by… Read more
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Bitcoin $7,475.07 -7.91%
Ethereum $160.42 -7.20%
Monero $52.38 -8.29%
Litecoin $49.39 -8.48%

Why the Bitcoin Dominance Index is a Misleading Metric

NEO is Probably a Security – That’s Why We Removed it From Our Portfolio

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18 Million Bitcoins Mined And Just 3 Million To Go

Bitcoin miners have now produced the 18 millionth Bitcoin. It’s another milestone that puts its history in some perspective and gives us an idea of its future performance. One of the most outstanding aspects of Bitcoin is its scarcity. As…’s CIX100 gets listed on NASDAQ

Crypto indices take another step into the mainstream as the world’s second-biggest stock exchange, NASDAQ, listed Cryptoindex's AI-powered CIX100 on its platform. A benchmark for the cryptocurrency market, CIX100 analyses crypto data and filters it using more than 200 factors.…
Litecoin Celebrates Eighth Birthday With Total Transactions Reaching $500 Billion Mark
Litecoin celebrated its eighth birthday this month, with total transactions through the network reaching $500 billion. According to a post from the Litecoin Foundation, it was in October 2011 when…
SEC Rejects Bitcoin ETF Proposal, But CNBC's Brian Kelly Feels That Crypto Markets Do Not Need One
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has once again refused a proposal of creating an ETF backed by Bitcoin. The NYSE Arca and Bitwise Asset Management’s proposal could not…


ZCash Halo Breakthrough May Benefit All Cryptocurrencies
The Electric Coin Company (ECC), the company behind ZCash (ZEC) and its protocol development, revealed that their engineer Sean Bowe…
Gartner: Blockchain Tech Still in the Trough of Disillusionment
According to a leading research and advisory company, Gartner, Blockchain technology is sliding into the Trough of Disillusionment and is…
Ravencoin to Fork to Combat ASIC’s
Forks are a normal phenomenon in the cryptocurrency industry. One of the latest networks set to undergo a fork is…
Most Crypto Projects Still BUIDLing But Some Went Silent
GitHub and development activity has always been one of the indicators investors look at when assessing a cryptocurrency project. Some…


Ransomware Victim Hacks His Hackers

A user got to counter the ransomware attackers that encrypted his files by hacking their server and releasing the decryption keys for all other victims. This incident involved the Muhstik ransomware. Muhstik is a recent strain of ransomware that has been active since late September, according to reports. This ransomware targets network-attached storage (NAS) devices…
Chainalysis Launches Actionable Real-Time Alerts for Suspicious Crypto Transactions
New York-based blockchain analysis company Chainalysis has announced the launch of a new alert service that flags suspicious cryptocurrency transactions. Chainalysis’ Know Your Transaction (KYT) tool is a real-time anti-money…
David Chaum Reveals Next Generation Digital Currency Praxxis
Praxxis is a new blockchain that implements a completely new approach to consensus, based on David Chaum’s previous experience with digital assets, voting, and distributed consensus. With Chaum at the…
QRL Leading the Charge Against Quantum Computing Blockchain Threat
Quantum computers have long been dubbed as the nemesis of the whole cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrencies represent a piece of software that relies on the security of the blockchain to store…


The SEC Nukes $1.7 Billion Telegram ICO for Securities Violations, Destroying a Major Cryptocurrency Before it Even Launches. Will Telegram Messenger Survive?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a lawsuit against Telegram Group Inc. its -oriented subsidiary TON Issuer Inc. the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. This lawsuit essentially kills the $1.7 billion Telegram…

Japan Legalizes Cryptocurrency Donations to Politicians With No Limits in Place

In a surprising move the Japanese government, politicians in the country can now receive unlimited donations without any need of disclosing them to the concerned authorities.  Sanae Takaichi, the country’s internal affairs, and communications minister revealed that in a press…
EOS Firm Fined $24 Million For Selling Unregistered Securities
The SEC announced that it had handed EOS maker a $24 million civil fine for carrying out an unlawful ICO. The ICO reportedly generated close to $4.1 billion over…
The SEC Is Now Retroactively Punishing ICOs, Putting All ICO Cryptocurrencies at Risk
On Sept. 30, the SEC issued a cease and desist order in addition to roughly $225,000 of fines against Nebulous Inc., the company behind the cloud storage cryptocurrency Siacoin (SC).…


A United States Blockchain-Based ‘Digital Dollar’ Would Be Pointless

There has been sporadic talk about creating an official national cryptocurrency for the United States, dubbed the digital dollar.  “We have not at the Fed decided to pursue or drive to develop a digital currency, but it’s something we’re actively looking at and debating,” Rob Kaplan, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, said…
Mt. Gox Artificially Inflated and Popped the Bitcoin (BTC) Bubble of Late 2013 With the Markus and Willy Bots, Proving How a Big Exchange Can Manipulate the Global Market
Bitfinex and Tether Limited have been sued for allegedly printing billions of dollars of unbacked Tether (USDT), and using this Tether (USDT) to artificially pump the price of Bitcoin (BTC)…
Bitfinex’s LEO Token Has Been Consistently Losing Value Since June and Is Now Below IEO Price, Future Looks Bleak Due to Lawsuits
The War On Shitcoins Episode 18: LEO. The war on is a Crypto.IQ series that targets and shoots down that are not worth investing in either due to their being, having…
Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal Possibly Withdrawing from Libra Association as Governments Exert Currency Hegemony
In an article from July 2019, around the time that Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency was formally announced, Crypto.IQ speculated that the death knell of Libra would be centralization.  Specifically, Bitcoin (BTC)…